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VIDAFLEX insulating sleevings can either be extruded from silicone elastomer compounds or braided/knitted using glass or polyester yarns. The fibre based sleevings are then impregnated or coated with a range of silicone or acrylics resins to provide varying thermal and electrical properties tailored to specific customer applications.


Excellent protection against electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses is provided for cables, strands and conductors depending on the type of VIDAFLEX insulation sleeving used. The quality grades available for VIDAFLEX meet BS, IEC, ASTM and NEMA standards, several types are also CSA and UL recognised and are compliant to the directive 2011/65EU (RoHS).


Thermal classifications covered are 155°C, 180°C, 200°C & 220°C. (Untreated glass fibre products are also available which will exceed these thermal classifications).



In addition to the traditional VIDAFLEX electrical insulating sleevings, JSI have developed additional products to aid thermal and cable management applications.









Heat safely under control

Many applications - from the car to the cooker

Our thermal insulations provide protection from high temperatures in industry, in the household, as well as in automotive engineering. Thanks to the large variety of types available and the diversity of the finishing techniques possible, our heat-stable sleevings and gaskets provide the required safety at temperatures up to 600 °C. Our thermal insulations are used as protective sleevings for cables, pipes for fuel, hydraulic fluids and steam, or as gaskets for household boilers, gas appliances, fuel compartments, smelting furnaces and cookers.


Our insulation sleevings are either braided or knitted, like our sealing ropes and tapes. They may be coated with synthetic rubbers or resins allowing the design to be varied to meet end-user requirements. Our thermal insulations are characterised by having excellent insulating properties as well as a high degree of flexibility. Decades of experience in many manufacturing processes acquired in the production of industrial textiles have resulted in a wide range of thermal insulations which can be reinforced with glass yarns or stainless steel wire, and, where desirable, be coated with silicone rubber to give enhanced mechanical and dimensional stability as well as excellent sealing properties.




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