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Electrical Insulation for Oil Transformers

The reliability of oil transformers is largely determined by the quality of the insulation materials used. The insulation materials must be able to reliably withstand the numerous mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and climatic loads during production as well as in operation.

KREMPEL offers the suitable materials for all insulation applications in oil-filled distribution and power transformers:

1. Layer and winding insulation
2. Insulation cylinders and cooling channels
3. Outer Bandings
4. Insulation for coil connections

We offer a wide variety of solutions as well as the electrical insulation material appropriate to your oil transformers.

  • Presspaper
  • Diamond Dotted Presspaper
  • Pressboard
  • KREMPEL corrugated board
  • Ladder duct made of presspaper and pressboard
  • Ladder grid made of presspaper and pressboard
  • Thread-reinforced polyester non-woven with epoxy resin impregnation
  • Crepe Paper Tubes

TRANSFORM a unique network of leading global suppliers in the field of power transformers

As member of this group, we develop and manufacture premium products for the Powertransformer insulation and strive to achieve the highest quality available on the market. Our aim is to provide the greatest possible operational reliability and we consider ourselves as leaders in service. Therefore, we establish market trends through innovation and share our knowledge to the advantage of our customers. TRANSFORM creates an international forum for exchanging information on sustainable solutions and transformer technology.


Since 2010, the KREMPEL-GROUP has been a member of the TRANSFORM network.

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