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Electrical Insulation for Motors

The insulation system is the decisive factor for the functionality and service life of motors. Motor insulation systems from KREMPEL are not only characterised by excellent electrical and mechanical properties and high surface smoothness but also by increased readiness to absorb impregnating agents. In addition to the standard materials, we also offer you customer-oriented solutions.

Here you can find the different KREMPEL insulating material components for motors:


1. Slot insulations, phase insulations, slot closures
2. Slot wedges
3. Armature and rotor bandings (without copy)
4. Finishing and consolidating
5. Lead-out and joint insulation (without copy)
6. Endwinding bracing (without copy)

We offer a wide variety of solutions as well as the electrical insulation material appropriate to your motors.

  • Presspaper
  • Multi-layer Insulation
  • Pultrusion profiles
  • Banding tapes (HYPERTEN)
  • Woven tapes (VIDATAPE)
  • Insulation sleevings (VIDAFLEX)
  • Tying cords (VIDACORD)


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