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Electrical insulating materials. Complex products for highly-demanding requirements.

The insulation system is the deciding factor when it comes to the functioning and useful life of high-voltage machines, oil transformers, dry transformers and motors. For this central electrical-engineering problem, the KREMPEL-GROUP supplies a variety of different electrical insulation materials - and all from a single source. 

Krempel's wide-ranging product portfolio includes electrical insulation materials for:

  • image "Electrical Insulation Materials for Power Generators & High Voltage Machines"


    Electrical Insulation Materials for Power Generators & High Voltage Machines

  • image "Insulation Materials for Distribution & Power Transformers"


    Insulation Materials for Distribution & Power Transformers

  • image "Electrical Insulation Materials for Distribution & Transformers"


    Electrical Insulation Materials for Distribution & Transformers 

  • image "Electrical Insulation Materials for e-Mobility & Low Voltage Machines"


    Electrical Insulation Materials for e-Mobility & Low Voltage Machines

We offer a wide variety of solutions as well as the electrical insulation material appropriate to your special electrical engineering problems:

  • Presspaper & Pressboard
  • Flexible Multi-layer Insulation Materials
  • Prepregs Insulation Materials
  • Mica Products
  • Flexible Electrically Conductive Surface Materials
  • Side and Top Ripple Springs
  • Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Sheets
  • Fibre-Reinforced Pultruded Plastic Profiles
  • Insulation Sleevings, Tapes and Cords

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