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Pultrusions Profiles

A range of solid and tubular profiles manufactured using pultrusion and filament winding techniques, to give good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, with excellent chemical resistance, to reproducible dimensional accuracy.


Selection of the correct resin matrix and fibre reinforcement can enhance the properties of the product with respect to:

Mechanical Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, Thermal Behaviour, Abrasion Resistance and Chemical resistance.


Pultrusion can be used to produce profiles in continuous lengths, beyond those of standard moulding processes and profile dimensions up to 1000mm x 350mm, with a maximum cross-section of 10,000mm2. With Filament winding, diameters of 1,000mm and lengths up to 2,000mm are possible.




A range of fully cured sheets manufactured from Hyperfil, woven glass pre-pregs.


Laminates are manufactured by bonding layers of woven glass fabric, pre-impregnated with either Epoxy or Silicone employing heat and pressure. The resulting laminate is well consolidated and offers high mechanical strength, good dielectric properties and excellent machining/punching characteristics, superior to those offered by random laid fibre laminates.


Jones Stroud Insulations can also offer laminated ripple springs, moulded parts as well as machined components in collaboration with partners within the KREMPEL-GROUP.



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