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- PREimPREGnated materials - are woven fabrics or uni-directonal fibres, tissues or other reinforcement materials which are preimpregnated with a liquid resin and partially reacted to form a semi-cured material. With numerous options of processing, they represent the ideal basis for light-weight and high-strength construction parts.


Jones Stroud Insulations Ltd develop and manufacture customised pre-preg solutions to match the material properties and processing requirements of our customers. We have impregnation capability for epoxy, silicone, melamine, phenolic and polyester resins, of a variety of reinforcement materials such as E-glass, S-glass, carbon fibre, aramids, cotton, and hybrids. These can be further customised to meet technical, engineering and cosmetic requirements by the inclusion of additives, pigments and fillers.


In 2012, we completed installation of a new pre-preg facility, expanding on our prepreg capacity to in excess of 5,000,000m2 per year with enhanced process control.


Using the expertise of our development and applications team, the characteristics can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. Our prepregs are used in a diverse range of applications such as aerospace, electrical insulation, micro-electronics, sport and leisure, medical, automotive and construction. Manufacture is fully supported by our polymer chemists and extensive laboratory facilities, with in house resin formulation, R&D, chemical/thermal analysis and mechanical testing. Coupled with our experience in fabric development, this allows us to produce unique and technically advanced products. Based on many years of experience in prepreg manufacture, technical after-sales support is available as a standard service. Core products can be stocked in our large freezer facilities, ready for immediate dispatch.


Jones Stroud Insulations Ltd is at the leading edge of advanced composites technology, with an extensive catalogue of established products.



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