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COMPOSITES. From the idea to the finished component.

A composite material can be defined as a reinforced polymer or a combination of a resin matrix and a reinforcement, which combine to give excellent physical properties.


The term ‘composite’ is used to describe a multitude of materials, including resins such as Epoxy and reinforcements such as glass, carbon or aramid fibres.


Composites can be further categorised. Those supplied in a ‘B’ staged condition, in which the resin is semi-cured such that the composite can be molded under heat and pressure to the required shape and those supplied as a ‘C’ stage or fully cured composite. ‘C’ staged composites are usually taken to be rigid composites, but those using a flexible resin system can be supplied as a flexible material, in roll form.

  • image "PREPREGS. Ideal basis for light-weight and high-strength construction parts."


    Ideal basis for light-weight and high-strength construction parts.

  • image "Transportation. Pultrusions Profiles & Laminates"

    Pultrusions Profiles & Laminates

  • image "machine park, Flexible Composites"

    Flexible Composites

  • image "Composites Reinforcements"

    Composites Reinforcements

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